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East Aspen Townhome

This “fast and furious” remodel resulted in a calming yet energizing space where subtle tones allow lavish materials to take center stage.

Sq.Ft. 2,963
Completed 6 months

Designed, constructed, and executed within 6 months, the fast and furious pace of this townhome remodel belies its relaxed and confident vibe. A sophisticated, tone-on-tone palette creates a restful sense of depth and allow playful lighting fixtures to take center stage.


Avid outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, this LA couple needed a launchpad for their active mountain lifestyle: a polished but practical space where they could kick off their shoes and relax after the day's adventures. Matter layered neutrals ranging from crisp, graphical black and white in the entertaining spaces to softer, more organic tones in the bath and bedrooms. Rich marble accents and modern, angular lighting added just the right touch of opulence and personality.


When Regan Construction invited Matter to remodel this East Aspen townhome, time was of the essence, as were efficiency and collaboration. Working closely with the construction team, Matter revived this dated space within 6 months just in time for the holidays, accelerating its transformation by focusing on simple, well-executed design basics that allowed the home's elegant lines to shine through. The result is a fresh, welcoming space that is bathed in natural light by day and enlivened by carefully curated lighting elements at night.


While the overarching style of this calm and airy home is built on clean lines and peaceful, tonal palettes, small but impactful details such as lighting choices and lifestyle accessories imbue each room with character and verve. Here, a wall sconce constructed of translucent alabaster lends a touch of unobtrusive luxury.

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