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Chatfield Residence

Tucked into a hillside overlooking Aspen Valley, this four-tiered Chatfield remodel features sweeping views and walk-out access from every floor.

Sq.Ft. 5,300
Completed Fall 2019

Despite its central Aspen location, this home went overlooked by several buyers, realtors and contractors who saw little appeal in its dark rooms, long hallways, and weathered finishes. The home had been a rental property for many years, and wore the residue of frequent tenants and infrequent upgrades. The current owners, however, recognized dormant potential, and recruited Matter founder Noelle Hernandez for a consultation before moving forward with purchase and remodel.


Our goal was to exaggerate the multi-level, hillside architecture by crafting an open floor-plan that capitalized on natural light, expansive views, and outdoor access. The home is designed to welcome family and guests, and employs rich textures to foster comfort and cohesion throughout.


By removing walls, restructuring the layout, and adding windows and walk-out terraces, we amplified spaciousness and sightlines throughout the home. The custom, open tread staircase eases interaction between kitchen and dining room areas while allowing daylight to reach the interior.


The exterior pairs three-toned stucco with european oak and large metal panels. The wood and metal extend to the interior, where they add depth to the lofted ceiling and two-story fireplace respectively.

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