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Del Mar Residence

With a bold profile and aerodynamic curves, this unique waterfront home seems to sail into the horizon.

No 90° Angles
Sq.Ft. 3,100
Time 2.5 Years

Matter took the lead on developing the interior architecture and design for this extraordinary home, including space planning, blueprints, selection of all finish materials, bath and kitchen design, and the selection, procurement, and installation of furniture.


Our challenge was to work within the constraints of the lot size while creating a home that looked and felt like a yacht. Coming to a point that echoes the bow of a boat, the dwelling was designed in a series of undulating curves, with no 90-degree angles.


Taking our inspiration from the space efficiency of a yacht, we found creative uses for every square inch of the home to maximize function and storage. Behind the millwork of the bar is an ingenious kitchen in which all appliances are strategically placed and hidden.


Built to withstand the weathering and wear of its waterfront location, this ultra-modern home featured glass on all sides, porcelain floors, and metal finishing. We recommended a wood ceiling, which fit the nautical theme while adding warmth, texture and richness.

"Matter worked at making our vision a reality. This is the third home we've designed and built, and this experience surpasses all the others. Matter truly cares about client satisfaction.” — Homeowner, Del Mar CA