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Hit the Reset Button

Published: January 11, 2021

10 new rituals, products and design changeups for 2021

As we say so long to 2020 and look ahead to a new year, finding comfort, joy and a sense of sanctuary in our homes continues to be as important as ever. The saying, “Home is where the heart is,” has evolved into, “Home is where the office, classroom, playground, gym, place of worship, 24-hour diner, etc. is!” The home has become like the ultimate MacGyver tool—endless multipurpose uses contained in a single space. With more action and functional purposes, how do we maintain a sense of peace, calm and wholeness in our sacred spaces?

At Matter Interiors, we believe that beautiful and relaxing spaces directly impact our happiness, confidence, and productivity—so we decided to try a few new rituals, products and design changeups to keep things feeling grounded in our homes. Read on for ten easy wins at home—it’s the small things that can make a huge difference!


Switch up your laundry detergent.

Our team found upgrading the scent on our clothing instantly boosted our mood in the morning when we were getting ready for the day!


Organize those holiday decorations.

Collectively, our team was procrastinating cleaning up and storing the holiday decorations. Each year, everything gets shoved away in a box with newspaper wrapping when we realized there must be a better and more enjoyable way to get it all done. Check out some of these decoration storage solutions we found—organizing makes everything feel better.



Use scent with intention.

Using a diffuser with essential oils can help to set the stage for your day. Whether boosting focus and energy in the morning before work and school or relaxing and unwinding at night after dinner. A diffuser not only helps to set the mood in your home with scent, it can also help us be more mindful of breath.


Upgrade your soap niche with matching bottles.

Take it a step further and install a mounted bottle holder, here. Small and intentional changes that organize and visually unify a space that is part of our daily routine truly make a difference.


Change out your hangers for matching wood hangers.

While you’re at it, purge unworn clothing and donate to a local charity.


Spritz and iron your pillow cases.

You will thank us when your head hits a crisp pillow at night! Take it a step further and spritz your pillows with lavender for a restful slumber.


Invest in a luxurious throw.

At the end of the day, whether you decompress with a movie, TV show, a book, or scrolling your phone—cuddling up in a cozy blanket instantly melts the stress away.


Upgrade your dish towels.

It feels like we are doing dishes and cooking 24 hours a day! Why not bring a little joy into your chores with fun dish towels.


Swap out your broom.

Swap out your broom for a beautifully designed one instead.

Clean Clutter


Finally, make every inch count: identify one area in your home that frustrates you and tackle it.

Whether it is your mudroom, laundry room or home office—think about any resistance or frustration you subconsciously hold about one area of your home. Ask yourself: do I avoid this space? Why don’t I enjoy it? It would be nice if this space felt… Take note of additional needs in your home—more play area for children? More storage for books or toys? An extra work zone? We are here to help transform any area, big or small!

About Nicole Hernandez

Partner + Project Manager

A seasoned communicator and project manager, Nicole champions the project vision and client experience. She specializes in the selection of finish materials, furniture and lighting fixtures, plumbing, accessories and space planning. She brings a fresh perspective on concept development and a breath of industry knowledge on the latest trends and products.

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