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Top 5 Essentials for Outdoor Living in the Mountains

Published: July 17th, 2019

We might be biased, but there’s no place like Aspen in the summer. This month, we’re savoring the fleeting summer season with our outdoor living essentials—from high-end furnishings to durable accessories.

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Best Features

We have two for this category.
1) A pool. Who doesn’t love a dip on a hot summer day?
2) A firepit. Same concept but swap hot summer day for cool summer night.

When designing a pool for your outdoor living space, it’s important to remember that every detail matters. From the depth to the tile, the jet placement to the drainage, each decision should be thoughtfully considered to ensure that your pool experience is one of perfection.

For firepits, shop PALOFORM. “Founded on the idea that good design subtly and continuously informs our well-being,” PALOFORM delivers modern firepits that are sculptural, stately, and a welcome addition to any outdoor environment.

Best Materials

For outdoor fabric and textiles, we look to PERENNIALS, HOLLY HUNT, PINDLER and CHELLA, each of which carry high-quality, high-performance textiles in a variety of patterns and weaves.

For outdoor surfaces (especially in Aspen) we lean towards quartzite or concrete. Both surfaces deliver the elegance of a contemporary aesthetic while standing up to sun, snow and extreme weather patterns often dolled out in high-mountain climates.

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Best Furniture

No longer is outdoor furniture limited to Adirondack chairs, wicker wraps, and sticky plastic weaves. Instead, we’re seeing elevated design and craftsmanship translated into the outdoor scapes. Think: rich textures, bold designs, expertly sourced materials. In this effort, our go-to sources for high-end outdoor furniture are SIFAS, HOLLY HUNT, ROYAL BOTANIA, SUTHERLAND and KETTAL.

Best Accessories

Outdoor rugs by PERENNIALS are sophisticated, versatile and oh-so beautiful. Yes, being outside is lovely. But being outside with the soft touch of a high-end outdoor rug adds depth and comfort to encourage long hours of outdoor lounging.

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Best Details

Pavilions! More specifically, KETTAL pavilions. KETTAL makes high-end outdoor structures designed to provide shelter from sun and rain while complementing the sleek lines of a modern home.

Ready to create perfect outdoor oasis? We can help.